De-Clutter For Stress Relief

Hoping to create a zen-like oasis at home?  

Are there, messy rooms, disorganized closets and shelves, piles of laundry, toys and books everywhere, dishes piled high in the sink?

If inside your home makes you feel just as stressed as outside, then take back control of your home and your life.  There is no way to have an oasis in your home with chaos and clutter falling down on top of you.  

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to de-clutter your space for greater stress relief.  Trust me, the work you put in now will pay off in the end.

Even though you know, you need to get rid of clutter you’re still holding on to stuff.  Ever wondered why?

4 Reasons You May Be Afraid to De-clutter Your Space

Getting rid of clutter can be very emotional, but it's also therapeutic.  It requires, not just physical but also emotional strength to get through.    At times we become too attached to our things and refuse (unless prompted) to release our grip on stuff.  

Your fear may stem from:

1. Feelings of guilt

Do not feel afraid to let go of that gift from your favorite aunt or those cute over-priced shoes that were on 'sale.'

2. Fear of letting go

Afraid of throwing out what you might need later?  Pack them away in storage.

If after 6 months or a year you still haven’t touched them, give them away.  There are others, needier than you, who can put them to good use.

3. They may be valuable

Even if they are valuable, they are of no 'value' to you thrown down in a closet or collecting dust in some room.

Get them appraised!  Sell them or put them where they belong, hanging on the wall or beautifully displayed in your home.

4. Fear you'll forget about them

Out of sight! Out of mind!?

After a while, you still won’t be able to find them under that ever-growing pile of stuff.

We know how bills can pile up over time.  Set up a filing system or electronic reminders to help you meet deadlines.  This is better than stacking them on the dining the table.

Are you a Clutterer or a Hoarder?
Is your case of cluttering mild or extreme?

We have all been guilty of cluttering at some point or the other.

You have to be careful over time that your habit of collecting stuff doesn’t carry over into the realm of hoarding.  Aim for a clutter-free life.  There is no time like the present to de-clutter your space.

According to Merriam-Webster, clutter is defined, as 'a crowded or confused mass or collection.'  If you thought that small but growing pile of shoes in the closet doesn’t count as clutter, think again.

Clutterers are often referred to as hoarders.  Their condition is not psychiatric.

Clutterers may live amongst the clutter, but it does not impair their freedom or comfort.  They accumulate possessions and simply require motivation to help them unclutter their home and life.

A Compulsive Hoarder is someone with a psychiatric condition that affects 1% of the population.  They have an overwhelming need to accumulate a considerable amount of possessions.  Quite often they fail to use or get rid of them.

Hoarders live in an environment that is cluttered and unhealthy and need professional help to improve their situation. 

If you know someone who exhibits the signs of being a Compulsive Hoarder, please contact a professional so they can get help.   For more information on hoarding, here is a link to MayoClinic.