About Solo Build It!
How You Too Can Have Your Own Successful Online Business

Solo Build It! (aka "SBI!") is an all-in-1 package of step-by-step process, software tools, comprehensive guidance, 24/7 support and "auto-updating" that helps regular people like you and me build profitable online businesses.

Why Create An Online Business

I have always sought to be financially independent and I felt the need to have my own business in order to do that – but not just the regular brick and mortar business that will keep me locked in one place …


  • an online business that I can create and operate beyond physical boundaries - I am not locked in a cubicle
  • an online business that allows me to work from home or even on a beach in a tropical paradise somewhere
  • an online business that keeps making me money even while I sleep

My Motivation 



I have a wonderful loving and supportive mother who has been my rock.  Her name is Verna (known as Vee by some)

She loves me unconditionally and I thank God for her because He has blessed me with a mother like her.  She has done so much for me and it is time that I return the favor ( so to speak ) .

She is getting older and I know that I will have to be her support and her rock and I need to be in a financially sound position to adequately care for her and make sure that all her wants and needs are met.

The Need to Have More Than One Source of Income

The economic climate is an unstable one and having one source of income is not the best position to be in in times like these.

Over the past couple of years thousands have lost their jobs and their homes.  The level of stress among the workforce is high because of the need to provide for them self and their family coupled with the fear that that ability can be taken away from them in the blink of an eye.   So they work longer and harder hours (seeing less and less of their family ) and accept less than they are worth for fear of loss of income.

Cost of living has gone up and for some their salary has remained the same.  You know you deserve a salary increase but you also know that the job market is tough and someone can replace you in a heartbeat.  You live each day waiting on pay-day and by the first week of the new month the salary is all gone – bills, bills, and more bills.

Can you relate ?

The Desire To Be My Own Boss

I currently work a 9 to 5 job in an office and while I am thankful that I am working to support myself, my heart has never been into working in an enclosed space seeing the same blue color on the walls and only see the beauty of the outdoors whenever I get the chance to take a break from my workspace.

Rushing to beat the traffic, clocking in, doing the same thing I did yesterday, clocking out, rushing to beat the traffic, getting home exhausted - before I know it, it’s time for bed to get the rest and energy to repeat all I did today, tomorrow.

While this is my current reality it is not a state that I intend to remain in.   I want to roll out of bed, thank God for waking me before taking my first step, do my morning meditation and exercise routine, freshen up, and head to my office – home office that is, and create ( not just work ) while I sip on my favorite herbal tea.  And yes, take a break whenever I want, with no one standing over my shoulder watching and waiting for me to slip up and no axe over my head terrifying me with the fear of losing my “job”.

I am certain that my current reality will change very soon because I have the determination, the passion and the right tools, Solo Build It!

What Others Have To Say About SBI

Here are some short testimonials from real SBI! customers whose lives have been changed by SBI !

"My goal was to build an online business that would generate an income equal (or greater, of course) to the salary I was earning.  And also wouldn't be dependant on any country's economy (as my country's economy is in shambles...)."
Elad Shippony

"While I loved my career when I was single, I found the stress of working long hours when I had small children was very taxing.  I no longer feel stressed when one of my kids needs to stay home from school.

I can take care of them and still work on my business.  I wake up excited every morning.  There is nothing like the sense of accomplishment that I feel when I learn something new or master a new skill."
Crystal Maleski

Click here for many others like Elad and Crystal who have found tremendous success with SBI!

What Is Solo Build It ?

 Solo Build! Makes Success Do-Able

Solo Build It! (SBI!) It makes online business success do-able.  Anyone can succeed with an all-in-one process, tools, and guidance.

The process is simplified to such a degree that success (i.e., profits, not the mere presence of a Web site) is achievable even for a beginner.  For an experienced person, achieving success is even smoother.  SBI! really does change lives.

You get more than just a "site builder."  You don't need to worry about looking for separate hosting, paying for a separate keyword research tool, handling site submissions, integrating autoresponders, etc., etc.   See the full list of features here -- pick the most relevant ones for you and your reader.

SBI! removes the technical barriers allowing you to keep your attention on building your business.  Many functions are completely automated.  You don't need to know anything upfront about building a Web site in order to succeed.  The tedious, "under-the-hood" stuff is handled automatically so you can focus on other important business-building activities.

The Action Guide presents a step-by-step process, presented in both written and video formats.  All you have to do is follow it.  Really !  The most successful SBI! owners say "all they did was follow the Guide."  They don't get sidetracked, or have to guess at what to do next.  SBI!'s guided approach helps you reach your goals.

You are Never On Your Own

Solo Build It! (SBI!) comes with unlimited Customer Support.  SBI! owners often call it the best they've ever experienced.  And the SBI! Forums complete the picture.  They are the most friendly, help-and-be-helped set of e-business forums in the world.

The SBI! private forums provide friendly, helpful support from other SBI! users. Help is available from folks who are in the same place as you.  This peer-to-peer support gets you over the humps along the way in a stress-free environment.

Help is available even for advanced questions.  The forums are a business-building support community ready to help you succeed.

The Most Up-to-Date Site Building And Marketing Tools

The various HQs ("Traffic," "Tips 'n Techniques," "Resources," "Monetization" and several others) keep you on the cutting edge of all that you need to know.   No other "outside reading" is necessary (except for info related to your own business, of course).  There are membership sites that charge hundreds (even thousands) of dollars for this type of invaluable information.

New tools are added continuously so you can feel secure that you'll always have the most up-to-date site-building and marketing tools.

You Have Nothing To Lose

SBI! Order Page

Solo Build It! has a no-risk, 30-day money back guarantee. It's a risk-free decision that you can make with confidence and peace of mind.

Why not take a quick Video Tour of Solo Build It!

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SBI! Has Helped Me Achieve My Dreams

I am very proud of my achievement.  I have created an online business after years of wanting to but not knowing how.

As my website continues to grow, I am rewarded for all the hard work that I have put in.   I will not sugar coat it, there is no way to have a successful business without putting in the time and doing the work.

Solo Build It ( SBI! ) gives you the option of creating the online business yourself or having their webmasters create the website for you .  I chose to create the website for myself.   But I did not do it without the support of SBI.  They provide the tools and the resources and an amazing Action Guide that walks you through the process step by step.   They also have a community of people like you and me who created their website and now offer a wealth of help and advice of the best ways to do it.

If you are the type who is willing to roll-up your sleeves and put in the work, just like I did, then this is the option for you.

Creating my website with SBI! has been very fulfilling and I am very happy that I found and started using SBI! – so much so that I had to share it with you.

Still Have Questions ?

Maybe you still have doubts or questions about SBI! Why not speak with experienced advisors who know SBI! inside and out ?

I hope you give it a try like I did.  Thanks for listening.