14 Simple Home Organization Tips
To Make Your Life Easier

When beginning a home organization project, make sure that you are prepared for the task at hand. Take a step back and evaluate the situation and make sure that you make the necessary preparations to get started.

After you complete your home organization project, please bear in mind that if on a day to day basis you consistently pick up after yourself, put things back where they came from and plan ahead you wont have to keep organizing on a large scale.

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Household Organizing

  • Now that you've rolled up your sleeves, take a few minutes to look around you.  Assess the rooms that really need attention.

  • Keep a note pad handy to make quick notes as to all the trouble spots that need to be organized.

  • List the things that need to be done for each room.

      For Example : Organizing Your Bathroom

  1. Throw away expired medication
  2. Clear out empty jars or bottles
  3. Re-stock toiletries
  4. Organize hair accessories, makeup products, hygiene items in plastic containers or decorative but functional baskets and store them away.  Not everything needs to be laid out on the bathroom counter.

  • Find solutions for the pesky home organization or storage problems.
Whether you will need more shelving Units, storage bins or labels. But once you determine what is needed when doing household organizing, make sure that it is used properly & consistently.

Even the best storage or filing system is bound for failure if you or your family resort to placing things anywhere anyhow.

When it comes to good Home Organization - There has to be an attitude re-adjustment


messy home organization

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neat home organization

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If when you look around your home and the room on the left looks familiar, get up and start cleaning and organizing your home. There's no way you are gonna feel truly relaxed and at peace in a cluttered living space.

Home Organization Tips

  • Throw away junk mail as soon as you get them

  • Keep bills due for payment all in one place - Highlight due dates & sort by these dates

  • Put away important documents. - Make sure that they are tagged with clear & easy to read labels.

  • Keep all your magazines in once place - Make a habit of throwing them out or recycling them if they are more than 6 months old.

  • Have a central spot for your keys - It can get real crazy in the mornings digging up & throwing around stuff trying to find your keys

  • Have a basket especially for wallets or purses & cell phones and keep it at a secure fixed location

  • When watching TV tidy up during commercial breaks - Fluff the pillows, put away the magazines, spray some air or fabric refresher, put out the trash, fold the laundry

  • Do a quick clean at nights before bed - Clear the table, wash up the dishes, prepare lunch overnight, make sure that the kid’s bags are packed & ready for tomorrow

  • Layout the next day’s outfit that you plan to wear

  • Prepare weekly meal plans & have those plans with you when out shopping

  • Set up digital reminders or regularly review your calendar to ensure that you are on target with your appointments

  • Clean the junk out of your car every weekend

  • From time to time organize with your kids and have the toys that are no longer age appropriate or needed to be donated to charity

  • For every new dress or shoe you buy donate 2 - This will not only keep your styles current and make space in your closet but will also put a smile on another person’s face & a “shirt on their back”.

So do you ...

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How To Stay Free From Clutter

When it comes to household organizing and getting things done, practice makes perfect.  Everything should have it's own place.  If it doesn't, throw it out or give it away.

Put stuff back where you took it from.

Develop good habits and I guarantee you that your life will be a whole lot simpler. Giving you more time to relax at home.

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