How To Choose The Right
Meditation Pillows & Cushions

Meditation pillows are designed for comfort and support but are more suited for persons who prefer to be a little more grounded but with the benefits of padding.

In order to achieve the benefits of meditation we must not only consider our environment, ambiance and presence of mind but also the meditation accessories that improve the meditation experience.

Noise, anxious or random thoughts are not the only possible distractions but also pain from discomfort and these special pillows serve as an ideal source of relief.

Meditation cushions are ideal alternatives to meditation chairs .

When Choosing the Right Meditation Pillows or Cushions

They ...

  • Should be sturdily built to support differing body weight

  • Should be soft enough to be comfortable but firm enough to be durable

  • Should be easily accessible by a zip to remove or add stuffing to the inside to adjust the height or firmness

  • Should be suitable for the meditation area, whether indoors or outdoors

  • Should be easy to carry around in case you have to move your location e.g. handles

  • Should be of reasonable height and diameter e.g. 5 inches high and 20 inches in diameter for the average person

  • Should have an inner lining so that the cover can be removed easily and washed

The ...

  • Filling should form to the natural curve of your body in keeping with the comfort and support required – preferably made from a natural material e.g. buckwheat hull

  • Pillow cover should be made from a material that is not too slippery for you to slide off but smooth enough so you can adjust your position easily

Comfortable meditation cushions help you to stay in a meditation session longer. They prevent distraction – you don’t want to be sitting shifting your weight from side to side, tempted to get up.

Consider the factors carefully when choosing the right meditation pillow, especially if you are a meditation beginner , and when you have made your choice, get comfy !

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