Soothing Music for Meditation

Quite a few types of music for meditation can be incorporated in the meditation practice to soothe the practitioner and help them to relax.

Music therapy is a fantastic way to combat stress without the need for drugs such as anti-psychotics or anti-depressants, which can result in a dependency on the drugs and a return to the previous stress related problems once the drugs are taken away.  Stress relief sounds are 100% natural, and affect the brain on an organic level and ideal for any suffering with stress.
Relaxation music or mediation music is often used as part of a stress management program. There are almost countless ways that the body can be put under stress. Music therapy is natural way to help the mind, body, and soul relax and is becoming increasingly popular with medical professions, to help patients suffering from the following ailments:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Pre-surgical stress
  • Anxiety after heart surgery
  • Migraine headaches
  • Development delay in children
  • Post surgical pain

As stress continues to rise and many people are reeling from the effects of stress and anxiety, one of the best ways to combat stress successfully is through the use of music and sound therapy - discover how to de-stress with sound therapy (affiliate link)

Music is a powerful medium for stress relief.  It does not have to be played while meditating but if used, can help create the right ambiance to help you meditate. There are different types that can be played or hummed.

Let’s look at the types of soothing music for meditation.

Types of Soothing Music for Meditation

Classical Music

Choose classical music that is soothing and relaxing.

Keep the volume at a moderate level since the instruments within the orchestra can sometimes increase in pitch and tempo.

For a sample of soothing Classical Music for meditation, click the Play button.

Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D Major

Gregorian Chanting

The Gregorian Chant (named after Pope Gregory I, Bishop of Rome), originated in the Benedictine monasteries. The monks used vocal music to celebrate Mass and other religious ceremonies. The chant is the official chant style of the Roman Catholic Church.

For a sample of a soothing Gregorian Chant, click the Play button.

Dan Gibson's Solitudes, Credo III

Primordial Sounds

Similar to Gregorian Chanting. Used to balance the meditation practitioner and helps to clear them of negative energy. One of the most popular sounds is ‘Om’.

For a sample of soothing Primordial Sounds, click the Play button.

Chanting Om Vol II - Music for Deep

Nature Sounds

Nature Sounds help to transfer the person to a place of peace and tranquility, drawing them closer to nature, be it a garden, a river, the ocean or the sound of rain.  It gives you the feeling of being one with nature right within your home.

For a sample of soothing Nature Sounds, click the Play button.

Artist Unknown

Instrumental Music

Soft soothing music from instruments such as a piano, chimes, harp, violin.

For a sample of soothing Instrumental Music, click the Play button.

Paul Collier's 10 Minute Relax

Christian Meditation Music

A mix of traditional Christian songs and soft instrumental music.

For a sample of soothing Christian Meditation Music, click the Play button.

The Prayer, Composed by David Foster

Guided Meditation

Not music but the sound of a soft soothing voice that leads the person into meditation using imagery to create a sensory experience.

For a sample of Guided Meditation, click the Play button.

15 Minutes Guided Meditation,

Meditation Music is known to soothe, inspire, rejuvenate and relax you - Ideal for stress relief and lifting a person’s spirit.

Whichever type of meditation music you choose, it must be soft and soothing.

Soothing music for meditation and sounds can be found on CD’s available at music stores or online (affiliate link)

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