Meditation Techniques
& Tips to Help Beginners Stay on Track

There are quite a few meditation techniques that a meditation beginner can adopt to help her stay on track.

Your ability to stay focused during a meditation session takes practice and often times you are tempted to give up but if you adopt these meditation tips and use them every time you meditate, it will start to get easier and easier.

11 Meditation Techniques & Tips to
Help You Stay Focused and Remain Consistent

  • Use guided meditation – purchase a MP3 meditation or CD that you can listen to while the speaker guides you how to mediate. Guided meditation techniques are useful to help beginners learn how to meditate.  Guided meditation also keeps you motivated.

  • During the meditation session, focus on a soothing pleasant image, memory or place. If your mind wanders, just gently bring it back to that pleasant or soothing image

  • Are you a meditation beginner ?  Make meditation a formal part of your day’s activities.  Preferably twice a day (same time each day) – in the mornings when your mind is the clearest and at bed time to help you relax, unwind and sleep restfully.

  • Don’t let frustration get the best of you. Once you notice that your mind has strayed, gently refocus on your breath. In the beginning you will find that you may have to do this often but overtime you will be more focused. Be patient with yourself and accept that it takes time to master the art of how to meditate but is worth every effort based on the wealth of benefits of meditation to be gained.

  • Don’t restrict yourself to one meditation posture.  Determine whether you are more comfortable sitting cross legged or on a meditation chair or kneeling on a meditation pillow or cushion.   Lying down to meditate may not be suitable for beginners because you may fall asleep easily.

  • Learn more about meditation and how to meditate.  Read a book or watch an instructional DVD to help motivate you.

  • Don’t judge your efforts harshly. Make meditation a lifestyle practice with long term benefits and be patient. You will see the results. Consider meditation as a tool to nourish your inner self just as food nourishes your physical self.

  • Meditate with soothing music in the background - nothing to distract you but to help calm you. You can listen to sounds of nature, soft instrumentals or other forms of meditation music.

  • Don’t meditate on an empty or full stomach.  You will be sitting or kneeling for a while and hunger or bloating is a real distraction.

  • No matter what happens during the meditation session, do not get flustered or stressed about it. Just do the best that you can and trust that gradually your mental focus like any muscle with exercise will get stronger overtime.

  • Practice with a partner - a spouse or good friend.  Just make sure that that person is supportive and not an added distraction.

Meditation is a rewarding practice. Just be patient and keep practicing with the help of these meditation techniques.

You will eventually master these meditation techniques for beginners and opt to try other forms of meditation. Perhaps you may even share with others how to meditate.

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